Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Why electronics??

It’s now project time for final years. Brains are burning with ideas.the most important and interesting part of the engineering degree has now arrived. This year many have bravely took the task of doing the project in the college. We have also opted to do it in the college..don’t know what’s gonna happen..anyway will hope for good. Now the question that came to my mind much earlier is now replaying in my mind…why electronics?? And why and how this is interesting…many subject have played part in my life ..now rewinding what all I have learnt gives something interesting for me to enjoy..
Like everyone I also joined for electronics engineering with great interest in electronics..but what happened to me when classes started is ‘what is that which is electronics in this?’…class of physics, chemistry, maths and all age old craps and carpentry and masonry work with a little bit of electronics to relief…is this what is electronics?…oh mistake happened and days of friendship enjoyment.etc..etc.. with a dare to fear ragging.. can’t walk without fear of getting caught by any seniors..what’s going to happen at any time..no idea..anyway life is good with lot of fun and bit of studies…and half an year passed by and with high university exam time I realized two semesters had gone with just a bit of realization in my mind that engineering is loading in my mind…but it’s hanging.

And came the year of serious studies in engineering…the second year…and as told by all. Now we are stepping into serious electronics studies. I thought studies are going to be interesting from now….but what happened actually was that it’s difficult…I really couldn’t digest much of electronics…is electronics tough?. I didn’t find current applications with this. The question came again in my life…what to do with this…? And now fear of the deadly stuffs..the network theory, circuits, solid state devices all got loaded in my mind from all…as all speak..from seniors to teachers, this stuffs are had to crack…but finally after the game I realized this all are good but what to do..time had gone and the sem is over..now no way to rewind or redo…what is this? all gone when I realized that they were good to learn…where was the problem..is it with my studies or with teaching or with all stuffs of enjoyment…where was the problem? What gone wrong?. The problem was with me. And I realized a great thing after some worries of exams and labs …engg is not that which should be spoon feeded or capsuled and eaten…it should come from within. What’s interesting to us can be learnt anyway if we work sincerely..the books are enough to gain knowledge to some extent and the rest gets filled with keen interest..We have all ways of help…net, teachers,etc..but who utilizes this? The problem is within. Teaching is like this in all colleges and we blame our faults on some others…but what to do..the sem is over…

And now reloaded with new aims and new hopes, the new semester is here..and now many ideas to do and perform grown in my mind…the teachings started and my energy also gone up..i keenly listened to the classes, noted down the lectures. The time and the sem is going. And I’m learning it. Circuits, signals, processors..and going deep into electronics. I found applications of circuits in amplifiers, basic devices and it was interesting.8085 processors, the base in processors. I was happy to know that it is the ancient guy in the family..from where the current intels, amd’s all evolved. But, on start it was full of block diagrams. Blocks are tough to remember. Learn and forget type. I learned all blocks. But couldn’t remember much of it even in the series exams. I even doubted. Am I having short term memory?

The university exams came. I done it hardly. And then the fifth semester. It went as usual. And now the semester of projects. It was an interesting semester. The mini project which is an important part of engineering. It’s the chance to apply all we have learned. We did something good. From the 3rd semester onwards we studied lot of EC. Circuits, digital electronics, processors, signals, communication and lot more. When what all we learnt gets applied, it becomes interesting…and it’s our project. PCBs and soldering all makes it interesting…and we go a bit into the computer territory..the programming. Here the question gets solved to some extent..how electronics gets applied?.. and it’s interesting..and there will be a bit of tension on where will we reach at last…but it gets solved at last.

The next big thing in engg…seminar. It’s what that moulds something more than technical knowledge. Our ability to present ideas, our creativity and and one more thing…it made me learn power point..
Seminar is a confidence booster. It boosts our confidence to present ideas..But some do it just to escape from it. If done sincerely, it helps. And hearing all others seminar is also interesting..It makes us amazing..how many new technologies are developing? And hearing all these through seminars is interesting. The growth of electronics is tremendous.
Now, we are on our main project with full help from the college. The project based on digital signal processing…dsp. Dsp, the toughest thing all will feel in 5th semester..and was the same for me too…but after we learn matlab and get into project, I feel it’s interesting.. Don’t know what will happen…we are doing it..and there’s much help from college. All hardware stuffs are provided from college. Two DSP kits, each costs 30k, two systems with internet and a laptop with wi-fi… Can a college do anything more?? We are happy for the help from college..
And we are developing our project…hoping for the best. Now I got the answer.. why electronics?...it’s really interesting…

Boarding the bus..Dangerous???

Why men behave so cruel? I’m writing this because of the bad experience we had last day. Bus drivers who doesn’t care for one’s life. The men whose duty is to give safe travel for people are being scavengers.
We were in the college bus-stop to catch the bus. The idiotic bus came very fast and made a sudden brake. We thought the bus halted to allow the passengers in and we got hold on the doors. But those rascals moved the bus forward and we were pushed along with it. Some fell down in the rush and it was fiery. By God’s grace much harm didn’t happen. My little finger crushed.
But to my surprise, only few questioned the bus operators. “What happened to all?” why most of us keep silent in utter nonsense and cruelty. But we protested to the conductor and questioned the driver when we reached the door. But to vain, he behaved indifferently to us. Ok…. Let us leave that incident.
“Why are we all silent?” we all have lost the ability to protest against cruel incidents in front of us. Many even don’t care for others. Take the case of bus operators. Why do they behave this way? Why can’t they consider the rights of students? Even, our right to study.
I doubt whether these conductors and drivers are born and brought up in the bus itself. Have they not gone at least to school or did they go by car/bike? I can’t understand this. If they went at least to schools, most of them have travelled at concession charges during student days. But why do they behave this way? And we don’t even question.
The well-heard claim of the bus owners that, “we are running at loss”. I don’t think so. If bus service is at loss, why the number of buses on the road increase. If it’s loss, are they mad to be in loss again and again. So, I think its nonsense.
Why our rights are not protected? Why we are ill-treated? Many aim for only money. They don’t care for humans, their feelings. Why is it so? Are they carrying their belongings along with them after death? But, it’s not possible. Then, why all this way??

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


If you looked back on your life, what would you remember?

The corner office,
or the luxury cousine
or the VIP lounge....... the new tata safari dicor “reclaim your life....”

These are the words from the recent tata safari ad.”reclaim your life”.
Life gives you many moments...but what will we remember when we look back in life..
we can't forget the first ride in our bike or car …..or your first triumph in cricket...

this is what life gives you to cherish.....safari ads are much philosophical and entertaining....

like this quote reclaim your life.....we should have some moments to reclaim in future....do what you like the most and like to remember in future...and we can recliam them in future through memories

Ads can speak more or can make you think....ads have changed a lot in the recent times...concepts and ideas are more in ads now....

when we watch programs in TV we usually change channels when ads come...
but do notice ads also...they speak even more than the programs we watch.....ads can be comic...philosophical,,....entertaining......this is what ads have come upto now....
have you seen the ad of CRABTREE switches....
the ad shows what is special in a switch and parallely in what we do or what we are upto...
the idea in the ad is ….. a husband and wife goes to buy switch...the husband go to buy beautiful and finely architectural crabtree switches...but she resists saying....”after all a switch is a switch”.......and after that when they go for a drive in the car, she puts up the idea of having a cup of tea and he stops the car in front of a ugly wayside tea shop....and she asks what is he doing?? and he says....”after all a tea is a tea”...this is what we have to think....what matters more is “how we do” and not “what we do”.
We can't get the feel that we gets in using a crab tree switch in an ordinary switch....and not form the tea in a wayside dirty stall..

Ads now make you laugh...there's no need for saying much about the vodafone zoozoo ad...zoozoo makes us laugh, think,etc..
and do you know one thing!!! the brain behind the zoozoo is a malayalee...happy to hear..right??...ya.

And I have much to write about ads...but will do afterwards... and remember not to skip ads..

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Life is full of options

Posh or normal? Luxury or economy? Tension or peace? Position or money? Research or service? ---these are the questions that come to our mind. Yes, life is like a university question paper. There are choices for questions and we have to choose one we can answer. How can life be in future? There’s none who doesn’t think of that.

Ways and paths of life are in different diversions in our mind. We are standing on a junction with roads to different places. We have to choose one. Life comes the way we design.

Life in posh cities and corporate culture.Does it boost or bore you??. Life in corporate companies can be of that way. Hooked up in star accommodation, global training centers, life is posh and of luxury. But, what’s luxury without time? Long hours of tiresome work from morning to night. How can we enjoy posh life without time? But, we usually choose that way. We try to get into IT companies or do business studies and go mind blogging in marketing, finance, banking, etc. There’s the question..why can’t we work when paid well?? MBA’s earn in lakhs and luxurious life. Yet, life is of tension, business, shares, market variations, funds, equities, etc. Will they burn our heads?

Life is full of options. Some don’t have lust towards money. Is money or peace of life important? The usual government jobs, non corporate works, only 8 hrs job… They can give peace and position. The civil services, the top government posts, they are rewarding in position and competent to attain. Will they get you multi tensed? I don’t think so. But, how can we taste luxury if we are truthful?? World is modern…high end cars, flats, hotels, clubs, etc. How can we feel all these? There is only one chance for us to live life!!

Some think other way. Get drowned in studies. The technical world is also that deep. The engineers, techs, their bread is technology. They live with that. They do B.Tech, M.Tech, research, doctorate, etc and spend life in that. Will research swallow our life? Can we be happy with that or not?

Life is there in other ways also. We can live serving others. There are professions divine. The teaching profession which builds young minds, serves the nation, etc. Can we be satisfied with that? Life can be adventurous also. Join the military services and get life energetic and spirited. Have you noticed the advertisement of the Indian Army? ….”Be an army man, be a winner for life”. But, is life dangerous that way?

Life is full of options. We have to choose one. We should answer at least one question. If not, we will fail in the exam of life. Is it better to fail??..But, nothing can stop you if you are spirited and solid towards a field.